'All Fired Up' Commission

‘All Fired Up’

Commission set by Yorkshire Artspace, South Yorkshire Housing Assocation and Museums Sheffield.

Sponsored by Potclays.

Currently on display at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, until 2nd October.


Sculptural Arrangement

Earthenware clay, slip, glaze and transfers.

Made by Meghan Downs, with aspects taken from customer engagement activities.


Working with the eclectic group of people at 911, I ran workshops in order to find out what they value in life, introducing drawing and clay activities focusing on positive memories. Throughout these sessions the most prominent themes were family and nature, being depicted in various ways. The ceramic pieces that were made during the workshops have been included into the ‘sister’ piece for this commission, which is a wall piece that will permanently reside at 911 project for all to enjoy.

The sculptural arrangement shows contrasting moods. From one side of the piece there are colorful panels that have been created from sketches produced during workshops. The drawing featured on the other side is my own of the 911 building and shows the place they currently are now.

The shapes of the piece are representing the fact that there is a broken line between their current situation and their aspirations.

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