Small closed ceramic sculpture with arched shape and dark grey & blue surface decoration.


Approx size 14x12x8 cm.


My inspiration comes from the contrasted juxtaposition of the old and new; the smooth, matte finish of modern structures against the weathered, worn and abandoned old brick buildings. This fascination has influenced the surface decoration - the use of slips, oxides and underglazes in layers created by multiple firings has created a rich, earthy finish to the pieces. Details of common architecture styles are referenced, such as now dis-used factories and the remnants of the once thriving steel industry. 

Ceramic sculptures are all one-of-a-kind products, where no two will be made the exact same. All pieces are designed & handmade by Meghan Downs. 
Ceramics are made using the slab building technique, and have surface decoration with coloured slips, oxides and underglazes. Pieces are intended for decoration purposes only.

Medium arched ceramic sculpture with grey & blue

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